Havaianas Women's Slim Swarovski Crystal Rings Flip Flops - Steel Gray




Inspired by Saturn’s rings, Swarovski Crystals leave the the Slim Crystal Rings Flip Flops shining bright like a star. Our signature slim shape lends a delicate touch and makes this sandal versatile for use with any look. Central Swarovski Crystal with geometric details. Our signature slim style for a slender, delicate look

Strap: Metallic PVC

Logo: Metallic PVC, same color as strap.

Sole: 100% Havaianas rubber, with our signature comfort

Origin: Made in Brazil.  

How to care for your Slim Crystal Rings Flip Flops

As needed, wash with water only. Never use detergent, solvents, bleach, abrasives or powdered soap, especially on metal and crystal pieces. Do not soak. Dry away from direct sunlight to avoid oxidation of metal and crystal pieces. Do not expose to saltwater, excess heat or direct sunlight.