*Limited* New Balance Classic 1300 X Levi's (Pigskin)

Size US

Levi’s and New Balance are two brands that have a lot in common. Both are historic American companies founded near the turn of the 20th century. Both were founded on the premise of finding a solution to a problem—insoles for New Balance, durable coveralls for Levi’s . And both have iconic products with 500 in the name — the 574 sneaker for New Balance and the 501 jean for Levi’s. So it made sense that these two great American brands would finally come together on a collaboration.

New Balance have teamed up to create a special edition Levi’s x New Balance 1300 sneaker. Celebrating the traditional NB 1300 silhouette—which this year celebrates its 35th anniversary—the shoe is constructed using a combination of Levi’s back patch-colored suede and deadstock White Oak XX52 denim, from their limited stockpile. The White Oak Mill, which closed its doors at the end of 2017, was one of the last manufacturers to produce selvedge denim in the US.